Rpglobalservices Complaint / Pierre Ugo lepage Fraud

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BEWARE: extremely incompetent company/individuals, *** artist, fraudster and scammers, Rpglobalservices, Pierre Ugo Lepage (the leader/initiator/*** artist of the scam/fraud).

The Scam/Fraud goes like this:

Pierre Ugo Lepage leader/initiator/*** artist of the scam/fraud for Rpglobalservices (www.rpglobalservices.com) has multiple accounts on most of the freelance, script, coder websites.

He will post most of the ecommerce, open source projects on GAF, elance. Once the provider initiate Pierre Ugo Lepage leader/initiator/*** artist of the scam/fraud of Rpglobalservices PVT LTD (www.rpglobalservices.com) will tell you have Ugo Brand Multi-Vendor project and will get in touch with you name of Jason Lane (AKA: pierre.ugo the head fraudster, scammer, *** artist closer.

he is there to continue the scam/fraud and after waste provider time asking for refund + extra money and threaten for legal case or post complaint against provider company on google.

Within 2 weeks doubt will begin to show, threaten, abuse words, lies, imcompetence, will come from their end. After this you will realise they were scamming, Frauding all along.

CAUTIOUS of Pierre Ugo Lepage. He is fraud require to sign NDA with company stamp on NDA, however beware this is all an illusion. His website www.rpglobalservices.com indicates every expertise in the IT field, but actually he doesn't have any experience in any of those fields and his workers/other company he will hire are extremelly incompetent and of the lowest skills.


List of alias/people/company to be extremelly cautious who is affiliated with Pierre Ugo Lepage (rpglobalservices.com) , Jason Lane (AKA: pierre.ugo) and the rest of his gang of incompetent/cheating/scamming posees. See wht he written on Skype:

I\'m giving until monday to refund my money & extra payment, if you dont you ,I hired a seo expert , who was suppose to start with the marketing, pierreugo@rpglobalservies.com

Pierre Ugo Lepage

Jason Lane

Pierre-Ugo Lepage


Jason Lane


Here are a few IDs, website and Alias they are going by. They probably have much more and they also have multiple accounts on most freelance sites. So be very caustious and aware.

Review about: Pierre Ugo Lepage.

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